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Governor Jay Inslee Debate Petition

We, the citizens of Washington state, of all party affiliations and from all walks of life, respectfully request the incumbent Governor of Washington, Mr. Jay Inslee, to accept the challenge to debate with the GOP candidate Mr. Loren Culp, Chief of police of Republic, Washington. Not just one debate, but as many as both campaign schedules allow. We are facing enormous issues in the State that must be discussed in the open.

A debate series is the only opportunity for voters to see the two candidates in a direct and open communication, which helps voters to form an opinion, among other things, in order to cast their votes.

It is not acceptable if there shall be no debate!

In real life and the real world, all communication is live and interactive, with back and forth Q&A. A monologue per candidate at a time over Zoom, as suggested by Mr Inslee’s campaign, is absurd and anathema to liberty and the traditions of this country.

When all precautionary steps are already taken to protect all the people involved in the debate, it is imperative that Governor Inslee debate Mr. Culp.

We demand an immediate answer from Governor Inslee’s campaign. Refusal to hold debate casts serious doubt about the Governor’s ability to serve a third term.


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We want all Washingtonians to know about Gov Inslee’s ridiculous refusal to debate Candidate Culp. So please forward to all the people you know who may want to sign this petition.
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