Freedom Washington is home to all people who enjoy living the beautiful Evergreen State and see it continue to excel in beauty, peace, prosperity, and become a happy place for posterity. We encourage peaceful conversation amongst the inhabitants Washington State and strive to achieve a strong and safe civil structure that supports all law-abiding citizens regardless of political identity and party alignments.

We are dedicated to holding our Washington State elected officials accountable, to the point of recall if necessary, and are focused on upholding the US Constitution and Washington State Constitution. As is laid out in the Washington State Constitution, we support the protection of individual rights both government and private institutions.

That being said, we support political candidates that will protect Washington citizens and their rights to the fullest extent, and which utilized and follow both the US Constitution and the Washington State Constitution, regardless of party affiliation.

We encourage education in civics, Washington State history, and the Washington State Constitution in order to facilitate a more educated, and therefore more powerful, citizenry. Freedom Washington was recently launched, and you can expect to find more and more action and resources here as time moves on!